Welcome on the website outdoortrip.cz, on which we have prepared for you our range of trips, sightseeing tours, but also trecks crossings and climbing expeditions to the countries on whose territory is located the highest and most beautiful mountain range in the world. We think that countries such as Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or Nepal we know perfectly we spent there many years of life, we collaborate 20 years with local important agencies, thanks to them and thanks to our experience we are able to offer the best of these destinations, whether you have decided on such a trip for the first time or you are already experienced travelers.

We are a sports agency that prepares and organizes sports and cultural sightseeing  events and expeditions for individuals, but also for groups and companies. We are specialized on mountain expedition, trekking tours in the Caucasus, the Pamir, the Tien-shan and the Himalayas. We organise ski mountaineer and freeride ski trips to the most interesting corners in Europe and Asia. Our specialty is to offer heli skiing with a helicopter, in which we have the most experience in the entire Czech republic. In recent years, we included the offer also sightseeing tours through the lands of the Silk road, which is our matter of the heart.

With organisation of sports events and trips for individuals and collectives and the mountain leading  activities we are dealing with since the year 1996. Initially as a sports agency Taldyk, since 2007 we operate as a company Ice-Ext s. r. o.